Asheville’s Real Estate Market Continues to Boom



The Asheville, North Carolina real estate market continues to be hot. This lends itself to very busy times for the area’s architects, engineers, surveyors, builders, and soil scientists. Land Resource Management (LRM) continues to ride the churning real estate wave throughout Western North Carolina.   Below is a recent success story from one of our architectural clients.

This is a prime example of how LRM’s knowledge of the North Carolina Onsite Wastewater Rules and Local Regulations routinely allow our clients to have success in the real estate and construction markets.

“Walker and the team at Land Resource Management were a huge help on a residential design project that is dear to my heart, my own home. We were well into construction when we realized there was a problem with an existing easement on an adjacent property that would not allow us to connect to the public sewer system. Our home site has many restrictions as it is located in Zone B of the Steep Slope Ordinance. This means that grading and site/tree disturbance are extremely limited, and an on-site septic system is not allowed. We had to apply for a variance with the Asheville Board of Adjustments. Walker assisted us by providing insight and information to share with the Board to help make an educated decision. 

 Once we received the variance, Land Resource Management analyzed and designed a septic system for our home. The result has been fantastic. We were able to work with a standard septic system; no trees were removed and the cost was far less than the original requirement to connect to the city sewer. ” – Lindsey Rhoden, AIA,Architect and Principal at SPARC Design


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