Preparing for Land Development


Conducting the appropriate due diligence evaluations for a land purchase or land development is crucial to ensure a cost-efficient experience and a successful project. One of the most important aspects for any land development is understanding the soils of the property.  Soil is dynamic, and can change within feet. Properly identifying these soil boundaries, and the potential limitations of each, is essential when planning everything from a single family residence to a sprawling commercial development. If a property is not serviced by Municipal Sewer, then a building permit cannot be obtained for any construction until a septic permit or wastewater permit is granted from the local regulatory authority. LRM is staffed with North Carolina and South Carolina Licensed Soil Scientist who routinely perform soil investigation to assess a projects feasibility. The preliminary investigation, combined with proper planning often yield a seamless transition to permitting and obtain the proper septic or wastewater permits needed for construction.

LRM’s track record of success in obtaining the most cost efficient wastewater permit for our client’s is what sets us apart in our industry.

Land development and land development preparation, sometimes massive in size, can easily be diagnosed and broken down into achievable steps by the right professionals. Land purchases always require due diligence to assess a projects feasibility and cost. If you are considering a land purchase in North Carolina or South Carolina, make sure a feasibility  evaluation is conducted by the proper licensed professional before purchasing the property.

The pictures below are the beginning stages of a wastewater system being permitted to service 65,000 gallon per day. No job is too large or too small, and we would love the opportunity to assist with your project.


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