Cold Mountain Development


Location: Cold Mountain | Haywood County, NC
Project: Graves Development | Hilton Head, SC

LRM conducted a site and soil evaluation for permitting 72 residential lots and several planned high-density phases. The entire development had previously been permitted for an 80,000-gallon surface irrigation system by Brooks Engineering Associates (BEA) through the North Carolina Division of Water Quality (DWQ) in 2006. The developer had bonded this system with a projected installation cost of 2.1 million. In March of 2010, LRM was tasked with attempting to permit the 72 residential lots for on-site septic systems and a 27,000 gallon/day Large Subsurface Wastewater System (LSWS) through the Department of Environmental Health (DEH). LRM was given a task of reducing the developer’s bond before the June 1st, 2010 renewal date. LRM soil scientist successfully permitted each of the 72 residential lots and 27,000 gal/day LSWS system through the NCDENR and the Haywood County Health Department by the bond renewal deadline. LRM sent the project out for bid and was able to reduce the developer’s bond requirement to 175K by the June 1st bond renewal deadline.