North Buncombe High School


Location: Asheville, NC
Project: Buncombe County Schools

LRM was contracted by Buncombe County School System to assist in resolving their ongoing wastewater problems and resulting fines for the wastewater system serving North Buncombe High School. The school was being serviced by mini wastewater treatment plant (package plant) with a permit to directly discharge the treated wastewater to a creek on the property. The system, and the wastewater characteristic being produced, were not meeting the State’s requirements resulting in years of fines. LRM teamed with a local engineering firm to permit a 10,000 gal/day subsurface wastewater system through both the State and Buncombe County. LRM identified several acres within the schools cross country course that were determined to be suitable for a Large Subsurface Wastewater system. The land and soil presented numerous challenges such as expansive clay, complex topography, and low Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity Measurements. Fortunately, the site had a deep, sandy loam saprolite, which was highly permeable. By accurately mapping the limits and depth of this saprolite, LRM was able to overcome the sites constraints, and permit the State of North Carolina’s first onsite wastewater system exceeding 10,000 gal/day installed 7 feet beneath the surface. The system was successfully installed, and Buncombe County Schools are no longer paying monthly fines on the wastewater system servicing North Buncombe High School.

NBHS pic