Riverwalk Development


Location: Riverwalk Development | Ashe County, NC
Project: Prominent National Bank

The Riverwalk Development located on the New River was foreclosed on by the bank in early 2011. The development consists of 44 residential lots, approximately 25 of which had septic permit and 5 had been denied septic through the Ashe County Health Department. Of the 25 permitted lots approximately half were permitted with a Subsurface Drip Irrigation System (SSDI). LRM was contracted by the bank in March 2011 to conduct a preliminary soils/septic analysis on each of the lots and provide a report detailing the most cost efficient approach to permitting each of the 44 lots with septic. LRM successfully completed the study identifying how to permit conventional septic systems on 42 of the 44 lots. LRM is currently working with the new developer, implementing the findings of the preliminary report.