The Cottages of Boone


Location: The Cottages of Boone | Watauga County, NC
Project: Capstone Communities

LRM was contracted by Capstone Communities during the due-diligence phase of their student housing project located in Boone, North Carolina. Capstone had identified a property for a 900 bed (108,000gal/day) student housing facility to service Appalachian State University. The land did not have sewer and water access, and the project was contingent upon acceptable water flows from wells and permitting an onsite wastewater disposal system. LRM took the lead on the onsite wastewater disposal system and conducted an in-depth soils investigation on over 20 acres. The investigation included detailed soil descriptions in over 100 test pits, extensive Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity Measurements (K-sats), soils agronomic samples, and a preliminary nutrient budget and water balance evaluation. LRM successfully completed this work in a 60 day due diligence window and determined that a wastewater system of this size could be permitted on this property. Capstone Communities closed on the property in 2011 and LRM successfully completed permitting a 108,000 gal/day wastewater system through NCDENR DWQ in early 2012.