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A big LRM thank you to Susan Coyne for the glowing letter about the work we did for her! Check it out:

I cannot say enough about Walker Ferguson and his crew at Land Resource Management. We bought some property in Marshall, NC and understood that it didn’t perc for a conventional septic system, and that the permit was for a more expensive system. Not realizing at the time that this was a significant cost difference, and since they took a bit off the property cost, we moved forward with the sale. Fast forward 3 years when we decide, hey let’s build a house and start truly researching the cost of septic systems and what this actually meant. I was devastated because it would have pretty much ruined our chances of being able to build at this time.

I can’t remember but someone told me that I should find a soil scientist and I went online and stumbled across Land Resource Management. I checked out their website and liked what I saw…so I gave them a call. Walker was wonderful from the first moment. He explained their process and their schedules and timeframes and promptly sent me a contract to read and determine if I wanted to move forward. He explained that they do it in phases, so that if we didn’t have a favorable outcome at step 1, we could pay for only that service and we wouldn’t have to move forward. BUT, we did have a good news so we continued with the process.

The end result was very favorable. They found an area on the property that would accommodate a conventional septic system, saving us something like $15,000 after taking out their costs. WOW!!

I highly recommend Land Resource Management if you have property that either doesn’t perc or is coming out requiring an expensive septic system. They were professional, helpful and awesome.

Thanks Walker and Andrew!! We will have you over for dinner once the new house is built!!

– Susan Coyne

Sr. Enterprise Business Process Architect / Enterprise Process Excellence (EPEX)

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